Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good News!!

I know I know…it has been forever since I have last blogged, but once you get out of the groove of blogging it seems crazy that you ever had things to blog about! Today there is actually something crazy-exciting that I would like to announce….

Steve and I are going to have a baby! We are 13 weeks pregnant, and couldn't be more excited about this big fat blessing from the Lord!

Ever since I found I was pregnant:

I have been praying for our little one all the time

I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness

I have been very protective of the music our baby listens to (only Christian or very uplifting music)

I have tried to stay away from foods that I think our baby might not like (which is totally dependent on the day and the mood I am in)

I have been craving lots of pizza, frozen yogurt, and fruit

I realize more and more everyday that my husband is going to tie with my dad as the most phenomenal dad ever

Have been so thankful for the way that all my family is so prayerful and excited for the little one we have on the way

My husband has been researching everything about babies and being pregnant, and he has been policing me like crazy on all the pregnancy do's and don'ts!

I have been feeling:

Ridiculously tired

Extremely bloated

Car sick/ motion sickness all the time

Very very very emotional (but my husband has been a champ at pretending he doesn't even notice)

Hungry all the time - I am the bottomless pit

Achy - especially back aches

Thankful for the wonderful and helpful husband that i have(he has been AMAZING!)

Like we are having a boy

OVERWHELMED by how miraculous our God is and how great His love for us is!

I have been wishing that:

My husband could pee for me in the middle of the night

I had a magic wand that would clean my house, make dinner, and fix my hair for me everyday

I had more energy and motivation to exercise

That I could eat sushi

Now that I am in the 2nd trimester:

I am starting to feel soooo much better

Starting to look like I have a funny little pooch

My jeans are ridiculously tight

I am getting more and more excited and ready to meet our little one!

Stay tuned and I post pictures of my awkward growing belly!