Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tomorrow is Ant Susy's  Birthday!  She is by far our favorite aunt.  She brings so much fun and life to any family vacation or holiday.    

Here's a little acrostic that describes her:

Super Hilarious & Fun to be around
Unbelievably talented and smart
Selfless and Caring
Young at heart ... she has so much energy and loves to be silly!

Love you Ant Susy & hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sister Cake!!

So, now that I am not working I have no time to update my blog!!  You would think it's the other way around, but time flies when you are having fun:)   Sunday was the wonderful celebration of My sister in law, Megan (I call her sister cake)!  Not only was it her 27th birthday, but it was also her and my big brother Ranger's one year anniversary.  They are such a great couple!!  I am so thankful the Lord brought Sister-Cake & Ranger together, and I love how I got to be a part of it all!  Less than 3 years ago when I sat by the beautiful and sweet Megan in my Bible Study class, I immediately thought,  I wish my brother could marry a girl like her!  Well, my wish came true!!  She definitely has been the best thing that has happened to my brother, and my whole family just adores her! Not only is she a wonderful sister in law, but she is one of my closest friends!  Love you Sister-Cake & Ranger!  

A Birthday Acrostic for Megan

Magnetic - people are drawn to you!
Easy to be around
Gorgeous & Giving
Natural & Genuine

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 Years going on Forever...

Yesterday was Nator and my 2 year anniversary!  I am so thankful to be married to the Love of my Life and Best Friend!  

A few of my favorite things about Nator:

He makes me laugh constantly
His love for the Lord
He is lighthearted & fun loving
His good looks:)
He is fun to be around
He is the kindest person I know and will do anything for his friends and family
He is humble ( He has no idea how smart, talented & good looking he is)
He reflects the Love of Christ in the way he treats others
He's athletic
His silliness (he doesn't take life to seriously)
He's loyal to the end
He makes being married so much fun!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Free As A Bird!

I am no longer employed!!  YAY:)  I love fresh starts and new beginnings!  I've already started a list of fun ( and of course some productive) activities to do in my free time this fall.

Here is my list so far:

-spinning classes
-women's bible study
-meal ministry at my church
-go to First Friday in Philly this fall (first Friday evening of each month art galleries  throughout the city open their doors to the public)
- golf lessons
-organize my house
-play more tennis with my huz
-visit my family in Texas
-plant some flowers in my front yard
-swim laps with my friend Ashley
-learn to knit
-volunteer in my community
-Go to a pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins to carve
-go to a fun concert

Life is good:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anthropologie...A good thing??

I was feeling so good about my self-controlled little self until recently an Anthropologie store opened in my area. I LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE!  It's hard enough having a Target a couple of miles from my house ( I can't walk into Target without spending over $50) Seriously, why did Anthropologie have to plant a big fat temptation store a hop, skip &  jump away from my house? I have no idea how to walk into that store and not have an immediate need for so many lovely things!!  It's kind of ridiculous how I can go from being "perfectly content" to "critically in need".    They  need to back-space. delete. that store, so I can go back to being my good little thrifty self!   Thank goodness, my mom gave me some shopping power to Anthropologie for my birthday...yes, she always does it right!!  So, I bolted over to Anthro like a kid on their way to a candy shop!  Yes, it was just what the Dr. ordered...Thanks Mom!  You know how to make a Gator's day! 

A couple of the items I couldn't resist:

Can't wait to wear this..

This fun sweater in blue!  

This is on my wish list!!
So cute...I need it;)  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heaven Sent & Full of Mint!

These minty treats = the perfect combo to make anyone have a cozy & happy evening!

These Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches taste like jumbo frozen thin mints! They are Delish. You would never believe they are low fat and only 140 calories. I love guiltless little splurges!

MENTHA COLLECTION from Bath & Body Works
A breath of fresh air in a bottle! I'm not normally a huge fan of Bath and Body Works products, but they have the best Minty pampering goods. I love how refreshing the body wash is. Great on a hot day or after a hard work-out!

Oh my G!! This tea is phenomenal. It's minty & sweet, and you don't have to add any sweetener! It is the ultimate caffeine-free relaxation treat.

We are "MINT" to find True & Everlasting Comfort in JESUS CHRIST!
In as much as these "things" bring comfort, the ultimate comfort is in knowing that nothing can separate us from God's love. Overwhelming victory is ours through Christ who loves us.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Three Powerful Words

"I have news!"

It's funny how powerful these 3 words can be. There are no three words my family likes to hear more than, "I have news!".....but of course they have to be followed with an exclamation mark and be said with excitement. For each person in my immediate family there comes a different response.

For my mom, it is completely dependent on the stage of life she is in. In the current season if I tell her "I have news!", she immediately hopes that I have news that I am expecting a baby, and that she will be a grandma! She has been hoping to hear those words since the day I got married. She is always so much fun to give news to because she gets so excited for others.

It is hilarious the way my brother, Ranger responds if I am going to tell him "I have news". No one gets a bigger smile on their face with those three words than he does. When we were younger (the teen years) I would be all snuggled up in bed ready to go to sleep, and my brother would come walking in my room, sit on my bed and ask me if I had any news. He loves news, any kind of news; but he especially loves news involving him! But, then again who doesn't love good news about themselves! We would stay up late discussing all sorts of juicy gossip we had learned at school. It was always so much fun! Having news for my brother was always a wonderful thing. It meant I could secure a spot as being the cool little sister with him and his older friends! Even now that we are older, and we live in different states , those three little words still are as magical as ever. My brother is a busy guy, and can be hard to contact. However, if I leave him a message saying, "I have news!", I always get an immediate response. It's a genius trick!

My younger brother Lil (my brother Zack's nickname) loves news as well. If I tell Lil "I have news!", he is sooo excited and immediately wants to know. He is the ultimate cheerleader for people with good news. He is also like my older brother and I, and loves to hear good news about himself! If I leave him a message saying, "I have news", he will always be the one that calls back fastest..He will simply call and say, "What Gator!!!?" (gator is the name my family and some friends call me) He is really animated & cute when he gets excited.

My husband is so sweet. When I tell him I have news, his eyes light up, and he immediately hopes something really good happened to me. Or he hopes I am telling him that I made yummy munchies for dinner. After he hears the good news he does his little "nator dance".

My dad always responded a little differently. Growing up News to him was more like an event. Everyone, needed to be gathered around, with no interruptions. If I told him, "I have news" when he got home from work, he would want to get changed out of his work clothes and wait until we were gathered around the dinner table, so he could enjoy the anticipated news he was about to hear.

There is really no point to all of these ramblings, it is just a random realization I had!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Must Read!

Just finished a heart-wrenching book, The Atonement Child, by Francine Rivers. WOW-What a powerful book!  If you haven't read it, you need to drive on over to the bookstore and get it!

Now I need a new book to read....Any suggestions??