Sunday, May 9, 2010

M Day

There are many many qualities I love about MamaGator and MamaNator, but today on Mother's Day I am going to pick out my very favorite thing about each of them.

My favorite thing about MamaGator is her Love for life. She brings sunshine, love, and energy to any room, situation, or conversation. She genuinely loves others and is ready to invest in them. People are drawn to her, and the wonderful thing is she doesn't even realize it. She definitely shines for the Lord in a way that you just don't see that often!

My favorite thing about MamaNator is her desire to serve others. She is constantly seeing the needs of others and is ready to serve them. Every time she visits she spruces up my house by putting her motherly touch into it. She even got a huge stain out of my carpet that Steve and I could not get out for the life of us. I don't know how she does it! I know it must please the Lord the way she shows his love by serving and loving the people around her!

I am so thankful to have two wonderful mothers to celebrate!! Life is good, and I am so blessed.

I can't wait to spend time with my mom this week in NJ! I wonder what kinda trouble we will get into??!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Growing Pooch and Fun Foods!

Here is a little picture of my baby bump. I am standing next to the fountain outside of the yummy little Mediterranean restaurant Nator and I ate at this past weekend in Princeton, NJ. It definitely felt awkward having Steve take a picture of just me, but I want to document my growing belly during the whole pregnancy week by week - so i better get used to the awkward poses. I decided to start with week 13 because I definitely feel like I am sporting the awkward pooch now. This picture does not do justice...I look poochier in person - this shirt does a good job of hiding it! Promise!!
Nator is really hoping that we have a chubby little monkey, so he keeps making sure I am well fed! He has told me that he will feed our baby M&M's if it is not "tasty" enough! By tasting he means chunky.

This week my new cravings are:

Dark Chocolate - will always hit the spot.

I also ate a big jar of pickles in 1 day. You can imagine how awful I felt afterward, but of course I am going to need to buy another jar of pickles ASAP for my demanding tummy. I should probably buy a few jars at the rate I am going. Claussen pickles are the best!

I think our baby enjoys it when I eat fun kiddy foods, so maybe that is why I am craving/eating these cute little gummy fish and the sour patch kids!

One More Thing....
I am having lots of dreams during the night. I love the ones where I wake up and just want to go back to sleep so I can continue the fun adventure I am in the middle of. But I have had a lot of awful dreams that I am so relieved to wake up and realize that is NOT "my life"!